Owning Your Own Future

07 June 2017

To hold a job today and in the future, learning does not end with high school. Or college. Or ever....

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The World Employment Confederation-Europe holds a strategic dialogue on the future of work

01 June 2017

The event will include a keynote address from European Commissioner Marianne Thyssen....

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The flat earth

07 April 2017

Mega trends such as technology and demographics made the world a smaller place. What does this mean for the future of jobs and the prospects of workers and companies?...

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Automation is not the end of the world. Here’s why

30 November 2016

What keeps you up at night? For many people worldwide, the answer is unemployment. Work is not just what allows us to sustain ourselves and our families: it expands our possibilities to be and do w...

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Maximising opportunities in a changing world of work

04 October 2016

The employment industry is a labour market enabler at the forefront of the changing world of work, writes Denis Pennel.

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Global employment industry can help G20 implement employment goals and priorities

02 September 2016

The employment industry can play an important role in helping to achieve the G20...

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As 9-to-5 Jobs Vanish, Look Who’s Reinventing the Working World

25 August 2016

Overcoming isolation in the gig economy, workers like Amazon’s Mechanical Turks are building democratic, worker-led communities.

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Brazil – New bill aims to make labour legislation more flexible

08 August 2016

Brazilian Vice President, Michel Temer, is working on a bill to make labour legislation more flexible...

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Current changes to the labour market may well define the future of Europe

25 July 2016

In this blog piece, based on Eurofound’s contribution to the July 2016

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How an ever-more sophisticated workforce solutions industry is supporting companies in navigating a complex economic landscape

20 July 2016

Organisations are operating in an increasingly

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